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Cholesterol Readings Now!

Cholesterol Readings NowMany health care experts encourage people to take an annual physical exam each year. This often includes a blood test, which doctors use to check on certain aspects of a patient’s health. Among the results, patients often find cholesterol readings, which show the levels of cholesterol in their blood. Despite the popularity of this particular set of readings, the truth is that not many people actually understand how to interpret what they see. Understanding cholesterol readings is quite important. These results tell us lot about our health; letting us know what we may be at risk for, as well as what we need to do to lessen those risks. When it comes to cholesterol, there are four results often given to a patient after a blood test. These are triglycerides, high density lipoproteins (HDL), low density lipoproteins (LDL), and total cholesterol. Let’s look at each of those and their recommended counts in the bloodstream.


  • a type of fat found in the blood. It is a source of energy.

  • Too High (not good): 200 and Above

  • Borderline High: 150-199

  • Healthy: Below 150

High Density Lipoproteins (HDL)

  • also known as good cholesterol, HDL is a lipoprotein that cleans out excess cholesterol. This is the type of cholesterol that we want to score high in.

  • Too Low (not good): Below 40

  • Borderline Low: 40-50

  • Healthy: Above 50

Low Density Lipoproteins (LDL)

  • also known as bad cholesterol, LDL is a lipoprotein that takes fat from the liver and distributes it to the blood and body’s tissues . Your LDL level is the best indicator of your risk for heart disease or stroke.

  • Too High (not good): 160 and Above

  • Borderline: 130-159

  • Healthy: Below 130

Total Cholesterol

  • this is a rough measure of all the cholesterol and triglycerides found in your bloodstream.  An elevated total cholesterol reading puts you at risk for coronary heart disease, among other diseases.

  • Too High (not good): 240 and Above

  • Borderline: 200-239

  • Healthy: Below 200

It is important to discuss your cholesterol readings with your doctor. Be sure to ask them about borderline statuses. Some doctors tell you you’re at the borderline and just tell you to take care of yourself without giving specific advice. If you know your cholesterol readings and what they mean, you can discuss your current lifestyle and eating habits with your doctor and get concrete advice on how to get yourself out of the borderline zone and into the healthy zone.

Some health care providers offer the annual physical exam as part of certain health packages. This is because checking on your body each year will help you maintain your health, and help you catch illnesses well ahead of time. If your health care provider offers this service, be sure to take advantage of it.



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